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The Driver's Challenge March (Bury) Sign In or Register to add photos

The Driver's Challenge for the EAKCC: For Fun, season long driving event 2019 The Driver's Challenge if accepted would start mid-March 2019 and run through to December. Ten rounds = one each month. A run with a purpose is always more fun than an amble round the lanes. The object is to be the driver to take the most pictures with our car in the same shot showing the chosen subject for the month. E.g. If the Target was a picture with the letters (BURY) included members could send in their car pictured under the road sign for Bury St Edmunds or in front of the church of the same name picturing church, name board and car. Or some sideways thinker might just send in a picture of his/her car in a SainsBURY's car park. Upload the picture from phone, tablet or camera to the Facebook EAKCC page, web site or send by email to Martin or me Each month a heat winner will be announced and a favourite from each month's entries regardless of quantity of entries per driver. Thereby two top spots per month. If Martin and I can think of a prize by next Xmas dinner then there might be one other than top kit car driver of EAKCC. This month's word BURY ONLY Rule. If you don't want a Kit Car featured as a damning Sun headline please follow your own common sense: no moving shots unless quite obviously by passenger, No compromising the Driver, Passenger or Other road user's safety with dangerous parking or obstruction. Obviously any photos that look dangerous cannot be published in our club name. Otherwise ENJOY yourselves. I would like to thank Richard Shepherd for his work, creating this challenge for us.
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