Club Membership rules

Club membership policy

New members:

As a new member i.e. they have never been a member before, and then they fail to attend the one obligatory event (this may be club meets and or club organized shows) between the months of March- November, their membership will be revoked and they will not be eligible to join the club again for a further 12 months.

Present members:

Any member not attending at least one club events (these may be club meets and or club organized shows) within any rolling 12 month period will be removed from the club’s membership data system, emailing list and club facebook page, Unless I’m contacted with a valid reason for their absence.

Once removed from these lists the ex member will have to re-apply to become a member.

No Kit Car

You do not have to own a kit car or have a kit car registered on the road to be a member of the club, but the same applies you must attend at least one club meeting to keep your membership active.