How to join the East Anglian Kit Car Club

One of the most  if not most active car clubs in East Anglia

It is easy to join the East Anglian Kit Car Club. 

There is a membership fee of £10 to join.

Just send me an email requesting to join the club to

I will in turn reply to your email requiring the following information.

Where did you find out about the East Anglian Kit Car Club?

Your names,

Car type,

Car colour,

Engine fitted,

Car registration,

Contact number,

Your address,

I will also need your agreement that your happy with the clubs GDPR policy (see below) to agree add to your reply email “I am in agreement with the East Anglian Kit Car Club GDPR policy”

I realise this is a lot of information but most of it is essential when entering us in shows and events, and it saves me having to ask for this information later.

None of this information will be shared without your consent.

Once this information has been returned I will add you to the clubs data system and e mailing list.


Regards Martin.